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Woman who assaulted ladies on metro due to their ‘revealing’ clothes arrested

The Ministry of Interior announced the arrest of a woman who assaulted two other young ladies for wearing “revealing clothes” in the metro.

A video clip, which included a woman insulting, cursing, and beating two young women in the metro was published on the internet on Wednesday.

The ministry said in a statement on Thursday morning that it examined a

video clip, which was published on a news website and it was of a woman assaulting, insulting, cursing, and beating two girls who were riding in the metro, for objecting to their clothes.

Investigations identified the perpetrator of the incident and she was arrested, it added.

The suspect is a housewife residing in the Dar al-Salaam neighborhood in Cairo and she confessed during interrogations to reprimanding the two girls while advising one of them to wear her clothes in a modest manner.

Legal measures were taken regarding her, said the statement. 

The person responsible for taking the video of the incident said that she was accompanied by her friends in the metro, and was surprised by a woman saying to one of her friends: “Cover your arm, young men are ascending and descending (the metro), how do you wear like this?”

She added: “My friend replied to her: what’s wrong with my clothes? I am wearing normal clothes. And in fact she was wearing a normal T-shirt with a half sleeve.”

“The woman insulted us with obscene words, and everyone in the metro replied to her that it was personal freedom, and that we were on the metro vehicles allocated to women, so there were no men,” she added.

“When she knew that we were filming her, she threw the mobile and cursed more, and she wanted to hit us, but the people tried to silence her, and told her that (my friend) was dressed normal, and it was not her business, but she continued and hit us.”

“The incident occurred on Monday at 10 pm on the Helwan line, and the tension between us lasted for about five stations, from Al-Malik Al-Salih Station to Hadaeq al-Maadi station,” she said.

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