Mubarak’s lawyer urges human rights groups to save deposed leader

Hosni Mubarak is suffering from cardiac hypertrophy, a condition that makes it difficult for him to breathe, his lawyer told US news channel CNN on Monday, urging local and international human rights organizations to save the former president.

Farid al-Deeb said Mubarak fainted three times during his last visit and has not yet received a response to Deeb's request to move him to a specialized hospital.

Mubarak's medical team had written in a report that he could suffer a stroke at any time.

The deposed leader was taken last Saturday to the hospital at Tora Prison, where he and former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly are serving life sentences. Mubarak's wife Suzanne and daughters-in-law Khadiga al-Gamal and Heidi Rasekh visited him for the first time on Sunday.

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