Amer Group in deal with Saudi mall co for theme park

Amer Group has signed a deal with a Saudi entertainment and shopping malls giant Othaim Markets for the establishment of a major children entertainment area in its Porto Cairo Mall.
Haytham Abdel Azim and Fahd al-Othaim represented both sides at the signing of the deal.
Following the signing of the deal, Al-Othaim stated that his group eyes Porto Cairo Mall as its first niche in Egypt, citing Amer Group’s capability of attracting customers. He added that major world companies had been contracted to supply entertainment equipment for the event expected for inauguration within four months with a cost of LE60 million.
Amer Group had decided on 17 December to split in Amer Group and Porto Group.
Group chief Mansour Amer had expressed his content with the AA+ ranking given to the group by the Middle East Rating and Investors Service (MERIS).

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