Brotherhood blames downtown Cairo clashes on government

Deputy Prime Minister Ali al-Selmy is responsible for the clashes that erupted between protesters in and around Tahrir Square and Central Security Forces on Saturday, Mahmoud Ghozlan, spokesperson for the Muslim Brotherhood, has said.

At least two have died and 766 were injured in the downtown Cairo clashes.
Ghozlan added that Selmy's supra-constitutional principles document has created divisions among the people.
In statements published on the Freedom and Justice Party's official page on Facebook, Ghozlan described the document as a "mine" planted on the road to democracy.
Ghozlan added that some people are standing in the way of freedom, democracy and justice. He called on protesters and the Egyptian authorities to exercise self-control and prevent those who want Egypt to be caught in an endless web of violence and conflicts from achieving their aims.
On Twitter, the Brotherhood's Supreme Guide Mohamed Badie called on all sincere Egyptians to exercise self-control and protect the 25 January revolution.
Translated from the Arabic Edition

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