Brotherhood gathers 100,000 signatures for ElBaradei’s reform statement

The Muslim Brotherhood said today it has managed to gather more than 100,000 signatures for ElBaradei’s pro-reform statement.

The organization said that such a swift development proves that Egyptians are responding well to the signature-gathering campaign launched by the National Asosciation for Change (NAC), which only started 14 days ago via the internet.

The NAC also launched last Thursday a nation-wide door-knocking campaign to gather hand signatures for the petition.

Campaigners have reportedly gathered 7000 signatures over the past three days. The target is to gather one million signatures for the reform statement within a three-month period ending in October. Achieving such a target will require gathering 10,000 signatures per day.

The statement calls for ending the state of emergency, enabling the judiciary to fully supervise the election process, giving all candidates in the presidential election equal time in the media, giving expatriate Egyptians the right to vote, and opening up the way for nominations for the presidency.

Translated from the Arabic Edition. 

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