Bus drivers partially resume work

Workers at two garages affiliated with the Public Transportation Authority partially resumed work on Monday, said Ghanem Ali Ghanem, head of south Giza central administration.

Around 95 vehicles were operated from Moneeb garage and 50 from Badr garage, serving commuters around Cairo and Giza, Ghanem added.

The two garages will initiate the end of the strike, and work will resume at all 24 garages, he added.

However, workers at other garages are continuing their strike, which started on 25 September.

The strike entered its 13th consecutive day. Bus drivers have been calling for better pay, the dismissal corrupt figures at the Transportation Ministry and enhanced service for citizens.

Negotiations between the bus drivers and the Manpower Ministry seem to have reached an impasse. According to informed sources, the government postponed considering an increase in workers’ wages until the strike is suspended. The workers reject this.

Cairo’s traffic has been chaotic since the strike started, and there have been crowds at bus stops.

State buses are considered the cheapest and most used means of transport for commuting Cairenes, and they are subsidized by the government.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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