Cabinet approves 10% increase in social bonus and pensions

The cabinet of ministers approved yesterday a bill proposed by President Hosni Mubarak that will raise the social bonus as well as pensions for the military and civil servants by ten percent. The new allocations will be part of the state budget for the fiscal year 2010/11. The draft law was referred to the People’s Assembly for endorsement.

According to the draft law, the new social bonus will be added to basic salaries starting in July 2010 and will be exempted from all taxes.

The increase in pensions for the military will be calculated as ten percent of the total value of the pension. The ten percent increase will have no upper or lower limit.

The increase in pensions for civilians will be calculated as ten percent of the basic salary.

The cabinet of ministers also approved a bill on constituencies for the upcoming People’s Assembly elections. According to the bill, Helwan will have four constituencies, the 6th October will have seven, and Luxor three.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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