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Coca-Cola production in Egypt faces potential shutdown

Coca-Cola HBC – Egypt, a subsidiary of Coca-Cola International, has filed a complaint with the Egyptian government over the stoppage of Carbon dioxide production in Abu-Qir Fertilizers Company factories, the Cairo 24 news website reported on Friday.

The company reportedly said in the complaint that stopping the supply of factories with carbon dioxide would lead to the cessation of Coca-Cola’s five factories, along with 6,500 workers, alongside halting production in all beverage and soft water companies and factories within the country.

This will result in huge losses for this industry, the report warned, especially with the beginning of the summer season, and will also affect exports due to the lack of sufficient product for export contracts.

Coca-Cola HBC – Egypt recently raised a number of prices of soft drinks, including cans and plastic and glass containers, by a large percentage ranging from LE1.75 to LE2.75, before Eid al-Adha, in which there is a high demand for soft drinks.

It also increased the price of 250 ml Schweppes Gold cans to LE 13.5, as well as Coca-Cola Zero cans.

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