Constitution Party pressing defamation charges against sheikhs

The Constitution Party filed a complaint against Muslim Brotherhood-affiliated sheikh Wagdy Ghoneim and the Salafi sheikh Mohamed Nazmy al-Athary on Thursday, claiming the two had defamed and insulted the party and its members.

In a video posted on his official website on Tuesday, Ghoneim called the Constitution Party a “secular” and “infidel” party, stating he refused to recognize secular, liberal or leftist political movements.

Earlier this month Athary stated that it was against Islam to join the Constitution Party, claiming that “It was well known that [Mohamed] ElBaradei [a co-founder of the party] is one of the most significant secular figures in Egypt who is against the application of God’s law.”

Tamer Gomaa, a lawyer representing the Constitution Party, said that legal action is being taken “to deter whoever might think to assault the party.”

Edited translation from MENA

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