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Court cancels imprisonment, upholds fine against graphic designer Ghada Wali

The Cairo Economic Court decided to cancel the six-month sentence against graphic designer Ghada Wali, and uphold her fine of LE 10,000 for plagiarizing the work of a Russian painter for use in mural painting and commercial advertising.

The court started its session on Sunday to oversee an appeal by Wali on an earlier ruling that convicted her of stealing some of Russian painter Georgy Kurasov’s work and using them without permission or the knowledge of their original owner.

The attorney of Korasov, Egyptian lawyer Ahmed Hassan al-Attar, said that he had submitted a request for compensation for his client against the Pepsi company as well for using Kurasov’s work without permission.

Attar added that “The Russian artist discovered that one of his artistic paintings and drawings was used in an advertisement on all Pepsi media outlets and television channels, and the company was sued in Egypt after being sued in America.

“Legal measures have been taken against Pepsi and designer Wali, and he demanded financial compensation of LE 200 million and an official apology from the company for these unjustified actions to steal a person’s efforts and work and attribute it to them.”

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