Deputy PM: Treachery Law to be issued soon

The Treachery Law will be issued within days, Deputy Prime Minister Ali al-Selmy said on Monday.

In press statements, Selmy said the law will be issued before the parliamentary elections and will be used to punish those who are proven to have corrupted political life.

Threats to ruin the upcoming parliamentary elections, scheduled for the end of November, will also be addressed by the law, he said.
The law will be renamed the “Law on Corrupting Political Life” which Selmy said will be a more fitting name than Qanun al-Ghadr, or the Treachery Law.
Recent events have shown that remnants of the former regime are working to ruin political life and enrage the people, he said, adding that he is confident Egyptians will not vote for people who have spoiled Egypt's political life, squandered the country's wealth, and spread corruption and oppression.
The government in July amended the Treachery Law under pressure from revolution youth and other political powers who demanded guarantees that former National Democratic Party members will not find their way to Parliament.
In October, the government introduced further amendments to ban former regime figures from political activity for five years and to remove them from their positions.
The Treachery Law was passed in the wake of the 1952 revolution to try corrupt former officials. The law lists political and financial corruption, jeopardizing national interests and misusing political leverage as crimes.
It also allows punishments ranging from removing officials from office to banning them from running in elections or being nominated to any government body or council for a minimum of five years from the date of sentencing.
Translated from the Arabic Edition

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