Early second round results: FJP, Nour Party lists on top

Early results from the second round of People's Assembly elections emerging Friday suggested another landslide victory for Islamists. Vote counting began late Thursday night after polling stations closed.

Overall counts for party list-based seats showed the Democratic Alliance list, led by the Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justicy Party (FJP) taking the most votes, followed by the Egyptian Bloc, Nour Party, Revolution Continues Coalition (RCC) and Wasat Party lists.

Initial counts in Giza's third constituency, however, showed independent candidate for the professional single-winner seat Amr el-Shobaki surpassing the FJP-backed candidate. In the same district, the FJP candidate for the worker single-winner seat was just ahead of his opponent, Essam Bahei Eddin.

Observers believe these results will necessitate a run-off election for single-winner seats in the third constituency.

Supporters of the now-defunct National Democratic Party sparked disturbances after hearing the initial results, chanting against Shobaki and FJP candidates. The military intervened to contain the situation.

Counts from Giza Governorate's first constituency showed that the Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) list took the most votes, followed by, in order, the Nour, Wafd and Wasat party lists.

FJP candidate Gamal al-Ashry so far received the most votes for the professional single-winner seat in Giza's second district, followed by Nour candidate Nasser Ouda.

The contest was closer between Egyptian Bloc-backed candidate Eid Anwar and independent candidate Sayyed al-Manaei for the worker single-winner seat in Giza's first constituency.

After initial results began to trickle out, FJP supporters in Talebeya chanted, “Count the votes, you will find them Islamic.” 

In Suez Governorate, initial results showed the Nour Party list surpassing the FJP list with nearly 50 percent of the vote. Other competing lists did not receive any significant number of votes.

Initial results from Sohag Governorate indicated that the FJP list took 45 percent of the vote, followed by the Nour Party list with 35 percent and the Egyptian Bloc list with 20 percent.

Sharqiya Governorate showed the FJP list taking the lead, followed by the Nour and Wafd party lists.

In Monufiya Governorate, initial results in the second constituency showed the FJP list ahead, followed by the Nour and Wafd party lists.

In Aswan Governorate, the FJP was in the lead followed by the Nour, Egyptian Bloc and Wafd party lists.

In Beni Suef Governorate's first and second districts, FJP lists took 35 percent of the votes, and FJP-backed individual candidates took 40 percent of the governorate's single-winner seats.

In Ismailia Governorate, initial results also showed the FJP and Nour Party lists finding success, followed by the Egyptian Bloc, Wafd Party, New Independent Party, Wa'iy (Consciousness) Party and RCC lists.

Judges finished counting 90 percent of the votes in Beheira Governorate's first district, showing the FJP winning, followed by the Nour, Wafd and Egyptian Bloc lists.

Observers expected the Nour Party list to win the most votes in Beheira's second district, where 62 candidates contested single-winner seats.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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