Egypt sees cold weather thunderstorms, snow and sand until Friday: EMA

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority said that according to the latest satellite images, unstable weather will hit Egypt from Wednesday until Friday.

“We are affected by a trough from the Mediterranean Sea, accompanied by a cold air in the upper layers of the atmosphere, which decreases the temperature and is accompanied by rainfall of varying intensity that is thunderous and accompanied by hail sometimes, and active winds that blow up sand and dust in some areas, which leads to a decrease in visibility horizontally,” the EMA explained.

Wednesday will see an increase in temperatures and instability in weather conditions.

Warm weather prevails during the day on Greater Cairo and southern Lower Egypt, and moderate weather at the northwestern coasts and northern Lower Egypt, warm on the northeastern coasts, central Sinai, South Sinai and the Red Sea mountain, and Upper Egypt, while very cold at night in all parts.

The EMA said that Wednesday sees wind activity on Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northern coasts, the Suez Canal cities, central Sinai and northern Upper Egypt.

There are chances of moderate rainfall, sometimes thunderous expected on Wednesday, accompanied by hail on the northwestern coasts and northern Lower Egypt.

Light to medium rainfall is also expected in southern Lower Egypt, with chances of light rain in the evening on South Sinai and southern Red Sea governorate, and lighter rains in the evening in Greater Cairo.


Temperatures expected on Wednesday:

Cairo: 23C high, and 10C low

Alexandria: 22C high, and 11C low

Matrouh: 22C high, and 11C low

Sohag: 26C high, and 8C low

Qena: 27C high, and 9C low

Aswan: 28C high, and 10C low

Saint Catherine:  20C high, and 4C low

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