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Egyptian Drug Authority explains digital medicine leaflets project

The Egyptian Drug Authority on Sunday said that the new digital medicine leaflets project will allow for trading pharmaceutical leaflets electronically, utilizing QR codes on packages which display the latest leaflets approved by users.

This facilitates the rapid provision of the latest approved leaflets following any updates, the authority said, an advantage over paper leaflets which require more time to update.

The dedicated QR code on the medicine box also displays all the necessary information related to the medicine for both the patient and the treating physician.

The authority noted that several participants in the project have reported successful experiences thus far.

According to the authority, this new project provides a realistic solution that has led to tangible results in the short term, and will aid in facilitating the the comprehensive development strategy in the long run.

The Egyptian Drug Authority added that this comes in line with its keenness to accelerate digital transformation policies for all of its services.

The project also showcases the importance of providing updated and approved drug information, alongside easing the circulation of medicine leaflets by health care providers and the public which serve as the closest scientific reference for an approved source of drug information regarding pharmaceutical preparations.

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