Egypt’s ruling party denies elections deal-making

The ruling National Democratic Party on Thursday denied striking deals with rival Egyptian political forces in the lead-up to parliamentary elections scheduled for Sunday.

"The National Party is the dominant party," NDP Secretary-general Safwat al-Sherif was quoted by the official Middle East News Agency in its coverage. "It doesn't need to make deals with anyone."

The statements came in response to Muslim Brotherhood official Mohamed Morsi's claims that the Brotherhood is coordinating with the ruling party.

Morsi said the Brotherhood also has coordinated with parties such as the liberal Wafd and the leftist Tagammu parties.

Moreover, the Brotherhood accused the ruling party of brokering a deal with the Wafd party, that resulted in NDP candidacy exclusions, paving the way for Wafd victories.

Al-Sherif reiterated his rejection of international monitoring for the upcoming poll, saying that he considers these demands an affront to Egyptian sovereignty.

"Egypt, through all its organizations, parties and intellectuals, rejects attempts to impose guardianship over the country," al-Sherif said.

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