ElBaradei: Achievement of revolution goals would be tribute to its martyrs

Presidential candidate Mohamed ElBaradei attended a ceremony to honor the families of 42 victims of the 25 January Revolution, vowing to continue his struggle until all the goals of the revolution have been achieved.

At the ceremony on Friday, organized by the  Egyptian charity Resala, ElBaradei said he had hoped that change could take place without the loss of lives. He said that these lives will not be wasted, and Egyptians must realize the objectives of the revolution to pay them tribute.

The former head of the International Atomic Energy Agency has called for clear steps to achieve a peaceful democratic transition, to revamp Egyptian media and to remove corrupt officials involved in the killing of protesters.

Former Field Marshal Magdi Hatata, another potential presidential candidate, also participated and called for the punishment of officials involved in the decision to fire at protesters.

It is believed that around 800 Egyptians were killed in the 18 days of the revolution, which toppled former president Hosni Mubarak.

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