Former minister heads to Washington to discuss political situation in Egypt

Former Family and Population Minister Musheera Khattab has said she will head to Washington for talks with US officials concerning recent events in Egypt. She will clarify that the Armed Forces’ actions were undertaken to fulfill the people’s wishes, and that no military coup has taken place.

Khattab, a diplomat and former ambassador to South Africa, said before leaving Cairo that the visit will last for a few days and that she has photos and videos putting in evidence the masses who took to the streets in unprecedented numbers.

She also added that she will explain the role played by Egyptian women during the protests and that what has occurred in Egypt is a result of the will of the people and that their wishes must be respected. She will explain that Egyptians are able to solve their own problems and do not want others to intervene in their affairs.

Khattab said that, while in the United States, she will take part in conferences on empowering women and on Arab women after the Arab Spring.

Edited translation from MENA

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