Free, reduced transportation for referendum day


The Transportation Ministry is reducing the price of air-conditioned train tickets by 50 percent for 15 December to encourage citizens who have to travel to vote on the constitution referendum.

Housing Minister and acting Transportation Minister Tareq Wafiq also said that transportations services will be doubled on referendum day, and that passengers will be allowed to ride buses and third class train carriages for free in order to promote voting.

Wafiq said that the decisions, which came after consulting with the rest of the Cabinet, would apply from 14 December at 6 am until 9 am on 16 December.

The move comes after a presidential decree barring voters from casting ballots from outside their electoral districts.

The Finance Ministry will pay the total cost difference to the Egyptian National Railways Authority.

Similar procedures were also put in place during the presidential elections.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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