Health Ministry warns against eating deadly rabbitfish

The Egyptian Ministry of Health and Population recently warned on its official Twitter account against eating or catching what is known as the Takifugu, puffer fish or rabbitfish, which exists in the Red and the Mediterranean seas.

The ministry warned of the spread of the poisonous fish in the markets, which may lead to the death of its consumer.

The fish is distinguished by its grey skin, and it contains poisonous glands under the skin, viscera, marrow, liver, and meat.

As for the poison in the fish, which is called “Tetrodotoxin”, the ministry warned that there is no cure for it yet.

This fish is found in the Red Sea and the oceans, and it reached the waters of the Mediterranean through the Suez Canal. It lives at the bottom of the seas, and feeds on fish waste, and types of toxic algae.

Symptoms of poisoning begin to appear within 20 minutes to an hour of eating it, and it may be delayed until after two days.

The poison of the rabbitfish can lead to death within six to eight hours after symptoms show.

Symptoms of poisoning include:

* Abdominal pain

*Nausea and vomiting

* Diarrhea

* Muscle weakness

* Reduced blood pressure

* Decreased heart rate

* Numbness

* Shortness of breath

* Paralysis or coma

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