Hot weather expected from Wednesday to Friday

Chairman of the Egyptian Meteorological Authority Ahmed Abdel Aal expects the country to be exposed to weather fluctuations starting Wednesday.
There will be a noticeable rise in temperature and wind activity, followed by a significant decrease in temperature.
Weather fluctuations are normal during spring in Egypt, which is a transitional period between the cold winter and hot summer, he said in a statement Wednesday.
Most spring days are characterized by moderate weather, but can be punctuated with four to six waves of unstable weather in which temperatures rise significantly, accompanied by winds that could cause a sandstorm, Abdel Aal added
Sandstorms sometimes affect visibility on the roads, also leading to the disruption of navigation, especially in the Mediterranean Sea.
Hot weather is often followed by a significant drop in temperatures the next day. Temperatures could drop between 12 to 15 degrees the next day, Abdel Aal mentioned.
Cold spells are sometimes accompanied by wind, rain and clouds on the north and east of the country, including Cairo and Lower Egypt.
A heat wave is expected between Wednesday and Friday. Hot weather will reach its peak on Friday, where 37C is expected in Cairo. Temperatures will drop to between 10 and 12 degrees on Saturday and rain clouds are expected in Lower Egypt, Cairo, Sinai and the North Coast.
Wind activity will be limited over the next few days.

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