Iranian FM spokesperson: Egypt not a sign of Islamic awakening failure

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Abbas Araghchi has said that Iran does not consider "street democracy" good democracy, and denied that the recent developments in Egypt, which led to the toppling of President Mohamed Morsi, represent the failure of the Islamic awakening.
“Egypt is going through a foggy and mysterious transition,” Araghchi told the Iranian IRNA news agency. “We cannot determine what is going on there with ease.”
He also denounced the military's decision to intervene in politics and remove an elected government. “It is not good for democracy to change presidents based on events in the streets,” he said.
He added that the Egyptian crisis had multiple dimensions and that foreign countries were trying to interfere in its domestic affairs. “Iran is following what is going on there closely.”
He called for achieving the demands and aspirations of the Egyptian people through the law. “Governments should come to power based on the will of the people,” he said.

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