June 30.. People’s will, nation’s path: Comprehensive development for health system in 10 years

CAIRO, June 26 (MENA) – The health sector has witnessed significant development over the past 10 years under the wise leadership of President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi.

Thanks to more than 14 presidential initiatives covering all age groups of different categories of citizens, the State has managed to achieve comprehensive development for health sectors.

The Health Ministry carried out 1,214 national projects to offer better medical services for citizens nationwide.

The State also works on building more than 20 hospitals at a cost of over LE12 billion.

Moreover, presidential health initiatives also contributed to supporting maternal and fetal health under the “100 Million Health Initiative,” which targets early detection of infection of hepatitis B, HIV, and syphilis and aims to early detect diseases transmitted from mother to fetus and provide free treatment and health care.

More than 33 million cases of breast cancer have been diagnosed for free, as part of the presidential Women’s Health Initiative, launched in 2019 to take proactive steps in providing the best healthcare for women.

More than 500,000 urgent surgeries were conducted as part of an initiative launched by President Sisi to avoid waiting list problems in July 2018.

The initiative also contributed to completing the treatment of half the number of patients on the lists within only one month. (MENA)

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