Leftist Tagammu Party slams amended elections law

The leftist Tagamuu Party announced on Tuesday its complete rejection of the new law on parliamentary elections, which stipulates that two thirds of seats will be elected on the list-based system and one third on the single-winner system.

In a statement, the party reiterated its preference for the unconditional proportional list system, with no minimum threshold of votes required.

In their statement, the party added that it also rejects the stipulations in the new law banning party members from nominating themselves for the single-winner system and banning such candidates from joining a political party once in parliament.

The party said that according to the law, 166 seats would be reserved for individuals with no significant party-based competition, and expressed its fear that these seats would be won by anyone willing to pay more money or to use violence, specifically mentioning the remnants of the dissolved National Democratic Party.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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