Mansour invites Putin for Cairo visit

Russian President Vladimir Putin Interim spoke to Egyptian President Adly Mansour on Saturday over the phone to reiterated his country’s support for Egypt and its transitional government.
Mansour invited Putin to visit Cairo, explaining that Egypt is keen on openness in its foreign relations with all vital players on the international levels. He stressed that its relations with Russia will not affect ties with any other country.
Putin said he received a report from his defense and foreign ministers on their recent visit to Cairo, and his country is eager to reinforce relations with Cairo in all fields, including military cooperation, trade, investment and infrastructure.
Mansour, meanwhile. praised what he described as Russia’s supportive stances with Egypt during “critical moments of Egypt’s modern history,” adding that the former Soviet Union had left a positive legacy in Egyptians’ views.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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