Military breaks up Gharbiya sit-in by force

The military broke up a sit-in in front of Gharbiya Governorate headquarters on Saturday afternoon. The sit-in was staged by various political groups including the 6 April Youth Movement and the Freedom and Justice Party.

Protesters demanded the dismissal of the heads of city councils in Gharbiya, as well as job opportunities, unemployment benefits, and compensation for families of the martyrs of the revolution. 

Military forces removed tents and dispersed protesters.

"They broke up the sit-in by force and attacked demonstrators," said a protester.

He said that protesters received a telephone call from the military governor who ordered them to end the sit-in after slogans were chanted against the military junta and Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi. He said protesters were surprised after the call to find military forces attacking them and breaking up the sit-in by force.

Police reportedly arrested three activists.
Translated from the Arabic Edition

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