Military: Changes within national newspapers soon

The ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) said on Monday that changes within the national press institutions will be issued by the cabinet this week.

SCAF member Ismail Etman said in a press conference that the changes will be announced within two or three days. He said the announcement about the changes was delayed to coordinate with other agencies.

Deputy Prime Minister Yehia al-Gamal, who is in charge of the Supreme Council for Journalism, said on Sunday that new editors for national newspapers, including Rose al-Youssef, Dar al-Hilal and Dar al-Tahrir, have been chosen. Names will be announced during the next few days and were chosen according to professional standards, he said.

He also said that elections for editors and board chairpersons at other press institutions are being considered under supervision of the Supreme Council for Journalism. Elections will take place with the help of committees affiliated with each institution.

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