Moussa discusses advisory committee with military council

Presidential candidate Amr Moussa, at a rally on Monday, said that he had met with the military council to discuss his proposal for an advisory committee of 100 public figures from various political forces to help the council resolve the political, economic and social problems the country is currently facing.

He said other presidential candidates and party leaders had already agreed to his proposal.

Moussa also said he is against the Emergency Law, the powers of which were extended by the military council at the weekend.

“The normal penal code is enough,” he said. “No emergency law will stop change.”

He also said he is against banning the live broadcasts of trials of members of the former regime. “It is a restriction of the media,” he said.

“I believe the revolution has achieved a lot,” he said. “And differences among political forces will be resolved.”

“The military council will have to leave,” he added. “Egyptians agree on a civil and democratic state.”

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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