One last chance to survive: Details of a pig heart transplant in a human body

The process of transplanting a pig’s heart to a human took place for the first time in history, according to modern scientific methods, Professor of Cardiac Surgery Adel al-Etreby said.

Etreby added to the “Yahdoth Fi Masr” (Happening in Egypt) presented by the journalist Sherif Amer on the MBC Masr channel, that a modern scientific method was used in the transplant that the patient’s immunity does not reject the pig’s heart.

Doctors in the US had announced the success of the transplantation of a genetically modified pig heart in a human body, in an operation that was the first of its kind.

Doctors say David Bennett, 57, who underwent the surgery was doing well after three days of the seven-hour surgery in Baltimore.

The transplant was the last hope to save Bennett’s life, although it was not yet clear what his chances of long-term survival were.

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