Photos: Christie’s to auction 27 Ancient Egyptian artefacts in New York

Auction house Christie’s is set to be auctioning off 27 Ancient Egyptian artefacts in New York on April 18, their website shows, with some rare pieces on display that include a statue of Sekhem-ankh-Ptah, an ancient Egyptian high official who lived during the Old Kingdom period (2389-2255 B.C.), as well as masks of mummies from the Roman period.

Egypt Independent presents below 10 of the antiquities that will be showcased for a bid in New York at the Rockefeller Center next month.

An Egyptian Granodiorite Sacred Bull (late period, 664-332 B.C.)

An Egyptian limestone statue of Sekhemankhptah (Old Kingdom, 5th Dynasty, Circa 2389-2255 B.C) Estimate Price:  USD $1,000,000 – USD $1,500,000

An Egyptian bronze bes (Late period, 664-332 B.C.) Estimate Price: USD $15,000 – USD $20,000

An Egyptian gilt cartonnage mummy mask (Roman period, Circa 1st-2nd Century A.D.) Estimate Price: USD $20,000 – USD $30,000

An Egyptian painted wood mummy portrait of a woman (Roman period, Circa 150 A.D.) Estimate Price: USD $30,000 – USD $50,000

An Egyptian monumental red granite head of Pharaoh Nectanebo II (Late period, 30th Dynasty, reign of Nectanebo II, 360-343 B.C.) Estimate Price: USD $600,000 – USD $900,000

An Egyptian mosaic glass inlay plaque with lily and palmette motif ( Roman period, Circa 1st century A.D.) Estimate Price:  USD $4,000 – USD $6,000

An Egyptian red glass royal head inlay (New Kingdom, Ramesside period, 19th-20th Dynasty, 1295-1069 B.C.) Estimate  Price: USD $15,000 – USD $20,000

An Egyptian Granodiorite female head (Late new kingdom to third intermediate period, 19th-22nd Dynasty, 1307-712 B.C.) Estimate Price: USD $200,000 – USD $300,000

An Egyptian limestone relief fragment (Late old kingdom to middle kingdom, 6th-12th Dynasty, 2345-1773 B.C.) Estimated Price:  USD $100,000 – USD $150,000

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