Political parties and military council reach deadlock over elections

A deadlock has been reached between political parties and the ruling military council over the upcoming parliamentary elections, informed sources have said. 

The parties insist on using a list-based electoral system, while the council insists that the voting be 50 percent list-based, with the other 50 percent through a single-winner system.
A source has claimed that the authorities deliberately leaked news about a referendum on the matter when the parties threatened an open-ended sit-in.
Also, while several parties have presented proposals for demarcating the electoral constituencies, the Wafd Party refused to do so, contending that such move would be a recognition of the current parliamentary law, which the party rejects.
Mohamed Abul Ghar, president of the Egypt’s Democratic Party, said constituencies should be defined on a proper geographical basis.
Presidential hopeful Mohamed ElBaradei said he supports the list-based system for the elections.
Translated from the Arabic Edition

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