Prosecutor General investigates child abuse in Dakahliya orphanage

The Prosecutor General’s office in Sherbin city of Dakahliya governorate began investigations Friday, into claims that officials of Dar al-Habib Orphanage had beat and tortured kids.

The prosecution recovered 10 kids from the orphanage and brought them to forensic medicine for examination, to determine how and when the injuries were made to the victims. The prosecutors found different marks and abrasions on the bodies of the kids.

The prosecution heard the statements of the orphans, who accused two alternative mothers, a social worker and the director of the orphanage of beating them with a hose, a metal stick and a piece of wood, as well as lashing them while they are naked.

The kids also said that they were deprived of food as a punishment, and forced to stand for long hours on one foot with their hands raised, whoever moved was lashed with a hose on their bare back.

The prosecution heard the statements of the alternative mothers, who denied that the children had been tortured and claimed that they were only being disciplined.

“I was beating them like a father to discipline them,” said the director of the orphanage, claiming that children caused themselves some of the injuries while playing and fighting.

Director of Social Solidarity Department in the city of Sherbin, Mohamed Abo el-Fotoh, said that a committee formed on Friday to take over the management of the Orphan Care in Sherbin society, which oversees the work of Dar al-Habib Orphanage,

He added that a committee from the Directorate of Solidarity in the governorate would manage the society until a new board of directors was formed.

Governor of Dakahliya, Ahmed al-Sha’arawi, issued a decision to dismiss the board of directors of Orphan Care in Sherbin society immediately after the incident.

Edited Translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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