Revolutionary youth urge Copts to end protest

Several 25 January revolution youth groups called on Coptic protesters at the Egyptian state television building to "suspend their protest and respect the state of law."

The groups called to end the protests, citing security concerns after a group of thugs attacked the protesters on Saturday.

Coptic protesters demand the prosecution of those involved in recent sectarian clashes in Imbaba, as well as the opening of closed churches and the release of Coptic prisoners detained in previous protests. Authorities have since made arrests and referred suspects to prosecution.

In a statement, the Youth for Stability Coalition called for respecting freedom of expression. It urged the army to protect civilians and to bring to trial all those involved in the Imbaba church attack.

The coalition issued a statement saying that the high frequency of protests drains the energy of the youth and impedes the creation of a state of law, which is one of the primary demands of revolutionary youth.

Coptic sit-ins provide an opportunity for Muslim and Coptic extremists to abuse the situation and break religious unity, it said.

Khaled al-Sayyed, a member of the 25 January Revolution Youth Coalition, said security should be a priority for the government, adding that there is a "willful desire to maintain the current lack of security."

Amr Hamed, a member of the Revolution Youth Union, said the clashes at the television building were premeditated and not the result of a fight, as some claim. He called on Copts to end the protest to bolster stability and deprive the “enemies of the revolution” of the chance to spark sectarian violence.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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