Russia continues high tempo of attacks in Luhansk, Ukrainian regional leader says

Olga Voitovych in Kyiv and Mick Krever in London

Russia continued a high pace of attacks in Ukraine’s Luhansk region ahead of what the Ukrainian leader of that region said is a prelude to “massive attacks.”

“Today at 4 a.m., they started attacking Bilohorivka from all sides. But our defense forces repelled them, and they pulled back,” Serhiy Hayday said on national television. “The situation was the same in the Kreminna direction. A very large number of them went, but pulled back after a firefight with our defense forces.”

He said that he believed that Russia was preparing for a “full-scale offensive,” pointing to increased shelling and air strikes. “They have a lot of reserves in personnel and a lot of equipment,” he said. “So we are waiting for them to launch round-the-clock massive attacks in the coming days.”

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