Salafis and Sufis to take part in Friday demonstration outside Israeli Embassy

The Salafi Front and 18 Sufi orders have announced their planned participation in Friday’s demonstration outside the Israeli Embassy to demand the expulsion of the ambassador.

However, the Muslim Brotherhood, the revolutionary coalitions and the various political parties have not so far confirmed their participation in the event.

“We will hold demonstrations in all governorates,” said Salafi Front spokesman Khaled Saeed. “And we call on the secular and liberal forces to take part.”

The founders of the Salafi Nahda and Tahrir parties also announced their participation, while Mohamed Yousry, spokesman of the Salafi Nour Party, said his party would not participate so as not to block traffic in the capital.

Scores of demonstrators have been protesting in front of the embassy for the seventh day in a row, some of them clashing with the police on Thursday.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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