SCAF: Attacking 1952 revolution is ‘delusional’

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces said on Facebook Sunday that intentionally smearing and attacking the 1952 revolution is “delusional.”

The Ahmed Maher front of the 6 April Youth Movement has called for canceling the 1952 revolution celebrations and has staged protests with anti-military slogans.

The statement addressed those calling for canceling celebrations marking the 1952 revolution. The military urged critics to look around and see what the revolution provided in terms of water, electricity, education and other services, as well as further urging them to evaluate what the revolution yielded at the time.

It said the military, which staged the 1952 revolution, bent toward the people’s will during the 25 January revolution, despite campaigns to smear its image.

In July 1952, a military faction called the Free Officers staged a coup d’etat that toppled the monarchy and established a republic. The group included former presidents Gamal Abdel Nasser and Anwar al-Sadat. Egypt remained under the rule of presidents with military backgrounds until the election of President Mohamed Morsy last month.

The Facebook statement saluted Nasser and the Free Officers and asserted the 1952 revolution wasn’t only for Egypt but for the whole African, Arab and Asian world.

It added the Free Officers revolted against corruption in Egypt, and claimed that all Egyptians supported the military in seeking progress in Egypt.

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