Security forces kill five militants in Sinai

The Egyptian Second Field Army – who are assigned with the task of securing North Sinai and Ismailia from an extremist insurgency – killed four militants on Tuesday during operations against the Islamic State group.

A statement released by the military’s official spokesperson said the operation resulted in the destruction of a large amount of improvised explosive devices (IEDs) which were in possession of the militants.

The statement also noted that a small truck had been found containing 25 bullets and explosive material used for manufacturing IEDs.

In another statement, the military’s spokesperson said that forces of the Third Field Army, who have been tasked with securing South Sinai and Suez Governorates, killed one militant and arrested three.

The Egyptian security forces have been battling a violent Islamist extremist insurgency based largely in North Sinai. The insurgency gained traction in 2013 after Mohamed Morsi was removed from power.

In late 2014, insurgents pledged allegiance to the Islamic State group.

The ongoing battle has resulted in hundreds of security personnel killed, along with hundreds of militants.

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