Travel bans for suspects in Maspero clashes

Twenty-eight suspects have been placed on travel ban lists pending investigations into events that took place outside the Maspero Television and Radio Building in early October. The violence led to 27 deaths.

The fighting, which erupted during a protest attended mostly by Coptic Christians at the Maspero building in Cairo on 9 October, caused an outcry among human rights groups and activists. Media reports claimed that at least 27 people, mostly Coptic protesters, and one soldier, were killed in the violence.

The travel ban list includes Father Matthias Nasr, Father Flobatir Gamil and lawyer Gamil Michael, who were questioned on Thursday.

The three former defendants were charged with incitement, premeditation and involvement in the Maspero events. They are accused of involvement in stealing weapons from the armed forces, attempting to storm the Maspero building and destroying property.

Meanwhile, political activist Rami Kamel, who was accused of participating in the purported crimes, was released.

The investigation is expected to continue and the remaining defendants will be questioned during the next few days. These include political activists and people who allegedly took part in transferring weapons to other locations.

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