Truck owners criticize import, license ban

Truck owners have criticized the Cabinet's decision on banning the import, manufacturing, and licensing of trucks, warning that transportation costs might increase by as much as 200 percent.
Member of the General Assembly for the Transportation of Goods Mostafa Noweihy said: "The government did not abide by its previous commitments, regarding the establishment of a compensation fund for drivers and preparing new rules to regulate their work, apart from ignoring the rehabilitation of drivers."
Depending on river transport and the railway is impractical, because its international usage does not exceed three percent, and only one percent in Egypt, according to Noweihy.
Egypt annually transports 800 million tons of goods, 50 percent of which is transported by trucks, said Noweihy.
"Trucks are not the cause of accidents, increased payloads are," said Mohamed Abdel Moneim, a driver. 
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 

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