Victims of sectarian clashes in Imbaba rise to 15

Three people died on Wednesday morning at the Qasr al-Aini and Demerdash hospitals from injuries sustained during sectarian violence in Imbaba late Saturday, bringing the number of deaths to 15. 

The three victims were admitted to the hospital on Saturday evening after they had been shot, but they died in the intensive care unit after their health deteriorated, according to security and medical sources.

Military and security authorities in Giza continued to impose a curfew on Luxor, Mashroei, and Wihda Streets where the fighting occurred.

With help from the military, Giza security authorities arrested 21 suspects, including eight people who had fled from the hospital after receiving medical treatment. A security source said there was photographic evidence and video footage proving the suspects' involvement in the incident.

The source added that the young bearded man who had appeared in a video inciting the burning of Imbaba churches had not yet been apprehended.

Security authorities had seen the video in which he called for the burning of churches prior to his appearance in a second video in which he apologized for inciting the violence, claiming the detention of a woman who had converted to Islam was nothing more than a rumor.

The source said authorities went to the man’s home only to find he had disappeared after the video appeared on YouTube. Officials are still looking for eight other suspects, who had fled their homes following the events, the source said.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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