Abouel Fotouh: I will choose Coptic vice president if I win

At a rally in Aswan on Saturday, presidential candidate Abdel Moneim Abouel Fotouh said he would appoint a Copt as his vice president if he wins the election. “It’s all about qualification, not religion,” he said.

He also warned against prolonging the transition period. “The army should go back to the barracks and hand over power to a civilian authority,” he said. “Otherwise the people will revolt again.”
“Egypt will always remain a civil state, not religious or military,” he said. “And the military council has no intention of ruling the country.”
Abouel Fotouh also said that the economy has not yet collapsed but may be on the verge if the transition period is extended.
“The economy is more important than democracy,” he said.
He blamed the Interior Ministry for the state of insufficient security in the country. “The ministry does this on purpose, just as it foments sectarian strife,” he said, adding that stability will only be achieved through freedom, democracy and the independence of the judiciary.
“Amending Article 5 of the elections law would not prevent the remnants of the former regime from running,” he said.
Regarding the Muslim Brotherhood, Abouel Fotouh said that he was a member but does not represent it. “The Brotherhood must not field presidential candidates,” he said.
Finally, he called for constitutional amendments that protect Coptic citizens and their sanctums.
Translated from the Arabic Edition

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