Committee urges investigation of Brotherhood group accused of killing protesters

President Mohamed Morsy's fact finding committee have said in a report that the president should open investigations into the existence of "Brotherhood group 95" and whether or not it has been involved in acts of violence against anti-Hosni Mubarak protesters during the revolution.

Various complaints to the committee accuse Youth Minister Osama Yassin of leading the group and killing protesters, saying that an interview he gave on Al-Jazeera is evidence against him.

Yassin claims in the interview, which was taped in 2011, that he accompanied a group of youth onto rooftops to prevent stones from being thrown down upon revolutionaries.

Other testimonies allege that Brotherhood members were standing on the roofs of buildings overlooking Tahrir Square, though it is unclear what role they played in the clashes, if any.

The committee will submit its report to the president, and Presidential Spokesperson Yasser Ali said that Morsy has met with the committee and will be briefed on the final report, which he is expected to then hand over to the prosecutor general for any necessary action.

The committee had finished collecting data on the killings of protesters during the 25 January revolution on 30 December 2012.

Ali emphasized that the president and committee members recognized "the need to provide full opportunity for the Public Prosecution to conduct investigations without the influence of any entity on the progress of the investigation."

The Committee will not publish the details of the data it collected, so as not to influence prosecutors.

Edited Translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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