Egypt halts inter-Arab electricity supplies to meet local demand

Fresh supplies of electricity to the inter-Arab electricity grid–which includes Lebanon, Syria and Jordan–were halted a few days ago in order to meet local electricity demand, according to a source from the Electricity Ministry.

Grid official Fathallah Shalabi explained that the electricity-supply agreement between these countries stipulated that only Egypt's excess electricity is to be fed into the grid so as to ensure that local power needs are met.

“We may feed the line again outside Egypt's peak hours, in the early morning or late at night,” he said.

Another electricity ministry source said that Egypt had refused a request for a US$5-per-megawatt increase by Jordan, which agreed to bring the price down to US$2.

“Prices are linked to the inflation rates announced by the Central Bank of Egypt and fuel prices,” the source said.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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