Egypt sees rain, wind activity and drop in temperatures for Tuesday/Wednesday

Meteorologists expect the weather across Egypt to improve starting from Tuesday due to lower temperatures, low clouds and wind activity in some areas.

Hot, humid weather will continue during the day in Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt and the northern coasts, growing very hot and humid in South Sinai and the southern parts of the country.

The weather is expected to be moderate during the night hours on Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, northern coasts and northern Upper Egypt, and moderately hot and humid on South Sinai and southern Upper Egypt.

Wind activity is expected at night in some areas of Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt, the northeastern coasts and South Sinai.

Light mists expected in the early morning, on agricultural and highway roads and close to water bodies, and low clouds appear in the morning on Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt and the northern coasts, which helps to reduce the feeling of heat.


Intermittent Rainfall to the north

Intermittent chances of rainfall are expected on Tuesday, and Wednesday on parts of the northern coasts and the northern parts of Nile Delta.


Navigational sea disturbances

The Egyptian Meteorological Authority warned of disruption to navigation on Tuesday, on the coasts of the Mediterranean Sea, with winds reaching 50 km/h.

The weather map revealed wind activity on the northern winds on the Mediterranean, with waves rising up to three meters on the beaches of the coastal cities.

Moderate weather will prevail on the northern coasts due to wind activity, and Alexandria is expected to reach 30C, although the weather remains relatively hot in Cairo, however wind activity will negate the heat especially in the evening.


Lower temperatures

A drop in temperatures is expected after the country witnessed a significant rise in temperatures during the summer, which reached up to 46C in the southern parts of the country during peak hours.

Temperatures will drop by between two-three degrees in the southern parts of the country, with pleasant wind activity especially during night.

On Tuesday, temperatures are expected to reach 32C in Greater Cairo and the Delta during daylight hours, while the governorates of coastal cities will reach 30C, and temperatures in the south of the country will drop by up to three degrees from Sunday reaching 39C.


Expected temperatures on Tuesday:

  • North Coast: 30C
  • Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt: 32C
  • Northern Upper Egypt: 34C
  • South Sinai: 36C
  • Southern Upper Egypt: 39C


Expected temperatures on Wednesday:

  • North Coast: 30C
  • Greater Cairo, Lower Egypt: 32C
  • Northern Upper Egypt: 34C
  • South Sinai: 37C
  • Southern Upper Egypt: 38C


Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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