ElBaradei calls for implementation of Treason Law

Presidential hopeful Mohamed ElBaradei on Wednesday called for the activation of the Treason Law and the exclusion of former leaders of the now-disbanded National Democratic Party from political activity.

On Twitter, ElBaradei said the Egyptians' dream of building their new state should not be aborted.

The Egyptian government on 17 August agreed to activate the Treason Law after its amendment. The law was originally deployed to try political officials after the 1952 revolution.

The government decided in August to submit the law to the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces for approval (SCAF). However, the SCAF has not announced its endorsment of the law.

Crimes punishable under the law include the abuse of power by government officials for their own purposes, or for the interests of any company, institution, public authority or body. The law also encompasses financial crimes, including directly or indirectly altering the price of property goods, crops, securities or any other government or financial securities listed on the stock exchange and in the markets, for his or her personal benefit.

Government officials may also be punished for abusing their power to achieve better jobs for themselves or others.

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