Former NDP member says he received threats after resigning

Former National Democratic Party (NDP) member Mostafa al-Fiqqi said he was threatened after quitting the NDP.

Al-Fiqqi, former head of Shura Council’s foreign affairs committee, explained he received threats on his phone from unknown individuals after he officially left the party.

The NDP member had a wrangle with Information Minister Anas al-Fiqqi during a talk show aired on privately-owned Mehwar TV channel on Monday.

Anas al-Fiqqi accused Mostafa al-Fiqqi of being "hesitant" while acknowledging that formerly he had always supported the NDP’s decisions and defended the party, but had only recently demonstrated disloyalty.

“Everyone knows I’m independent,” added Anas al-Fiqqi. “I’m not of those who praise authority and change their stances when they’re out.”

“We’ll see what minister Anas al-Fiqqi says when he leaves office. I appreciate what he currently endures,” retorted Mostafa al-Fiqqi.

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