Prosecution refers eight to criminal court over anti-Islam movie

Public Prosecutor Abdel Meguid Mahmoud referred eight people to the Cairo Criminal Court on Tuesday and ordered that they be taken into custody on charges of producing a film that defames the Prophet Mohamed.

Among those named by Mahmoud are Morris Sadek and conservative American pastor Terry Jones.

Prosecutors have accused the eight of commiting blasphemy against Islam, disseminating rumors and endangering the country’s unity and security, all punishable under Egyptian law with penalties that may include death.

Adel al-Saeed, spokesperson for the public prosecution, said Mahmoud ordered that the names of the eight defendants be placed on the arrivals watch list. He also called on the US authorities to arrest them and extradite them to Egypt.

Prosecutors had reviewed the film and questioned citizens who filed complaints against the accused.

The film sparked angry protests at the US Embassy in Cairo and the US Consulate in Alexandria. Clashes in Cairo between security forces and demonstrators have left one person dead and tens injured.

Edited translation from MENA

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