Salamlek Palace development project to be announced Tuesday

An international conference will be held Tuesday at Salamlek Palace to announce the beginning of a restoration project for the archaeological palace.
The decision was recently issued by the antiquities minister in a list that includes the palace as an archeological site.
The development project aims to turn the palace into an international hotel and to develop the garden of al-Nada Palace in front of Salamlek Palace, as well as establish a nearby small hotel dubbed the "Small Palace" that includes 16 suites.
The development project will be carried out by a real estate investment company that had the usufruct of the palace for ten years, after winning a global tender.
The company will pay LE12 million to the state every year, with an increase of 10 percent every year, in return for using the palace as a hotel.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 

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