Squatters violently protect occupation of 6th October apartments

Security and armed forces have secured some housing units at the National Housing Project in 6th of October City after clashes with squatters Monday who had illegally occupied 1800 apartments and cordoned off the area. 

The squatters reportedly attacked the government security forces and used automatic weapons and knives to enforce their cordon.

Other groups stormed New Urban Communities Authority apartments in Sheikh Zeyad City, demanding permanent contracts for their apartments.

On Thursday, security forces supported by armed vehicles carrying 2000 soldiers arrested 10 squatters as they cleared 20 buildings. The illegal occupants fired weapons and threw Molotov cocktails at security forces, who responded with tear gas.

Housing and Urban Development Minister Mohamed Fathi al-Baradei had ordered squatters evacuated from the apartments, leading police forces led by the Giza deputy head of security to begin the operation.

An engineer with the New Urban Communities Authority said the squatters have made a stop for tuk tuks in the area and begun to institute a daily routine surrounding their illegal housing. Police tried to convince them to leave the apartments but they refused, the engineer added.

The squatters fired in the air to terrorize citizens in the area and used trained dogs to protect the area and prevent outsiders from entering.

The New Urban Communities Authority Coalition issued a statement condemning the government, Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and the police due to their “leniency in protecting citizens," referring to the squatters.

The coalition also warned of a growing housing crisis in the relatively new satellite cities, calling on the SCAF to move swiftly and stand beside the legitimate owners of the houses.

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