Suez Canal sit-in ends

A sit-in at the headquarters of the Suez Canal ended on Thursday, said the Suez Youth Bloc, the group coordinating the protests that have been taking place in Suez.

The group stressed that the sit-in will be limited to Al-Arbaeen Square until next Friday’s demonstrations.

Political parties and movements in Suez also agreed to stage nationwide protests on Friday.

“We decided to leave the harbor of Port Tawfiq after collectively agreeing to move to Al-Arbaeen Square,” said Mahmoud Ibrahim, the coordinator of the Suez Youth Bloc.

Families of those killed during the revolution, Nasrist Party members and other youths had until Thursday staged a sit-in in front of the headquarters of the Suez Canal, demanding the trials of police officers accused of killing 25 January revolution protesters in Suez.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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