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Top 10 countries avoid that Christmas celebrations

For those who don't celebrate Christmas, be it for religious, personal or ideological reasons, and are looking to escape the frenzy of the holiday madness, consider countries like Japan, Thailand and Turkey.

Or, take the predictable route and book a definitively Christmas-free vacation by visiting Arabic and predominantly Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Algeria and Iran, treasure troves of Persian history and the cradle of ancient civilization.

Those are among the recommendations from online booking site Skyscanner, which has compiled a list of the top 10 places to avoid Christmas.

Topping the list is Japan, where Christmas is not a public holiday, and locals go about their business as usual on December 25. Though Tokyo may have its share of robot Santas, Kyoto and Nara — centers of traditional Japanese culture — remain for the most part Rudolph and Frosty-free, while Hokkaido offers snow bunnies some of the best powder in the world.

Also on the list is Iran, which was likewise named Rough Guides' top country to visit in 2015 for offering a fascinating lesson in ancient Persian history, bazaars, desertscapes, snow-capped mountains and "hauntingly beautiful mosques."

Here is Skyscanner's list of top 10 places for avoiding Christmas this year:

1. Japan
2. Saudi Arabia
3. Algeria
4. Iran
5. Thailand
6. Nepal
7. Turkey
8. North Korea
9. China
10. Bahamas

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